Experience Can Make a Difference When Dealing with Governmental Entities

Why is environmental law so complicated in California?
California has 39 million people —more people than either Canada or Australia.  Its legislature is full-time, and each year more environmental laws are added to the California laws.

Why do business people need help in dealing with the rules about environmental compliance?
The laws themselves are long and complicated – for example the abbreviated version of the California environmental codes is 1,875 pages.  There are 70 state, federal, and tribal courts.

How many government agencies do I need to deal with for environmental compliance?
35 California agencies enforce Clean Air laws, 10 California water boards enforce Clean Water laws, 89 local agencies (including the 58 California counties), and a separate Department of Toxic Substances Control.  Many contamination problems need sign-offs of more than one agency.

Helping clients stay out of trouble, and efficient and effective compliance once problems come up, are ways experienced lawyers can help — particularly environmental lawyers who have experience with lawsuits, regulatory compliance, and transactions.

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